Are you planning to open a business entity, do you want to become an entrepreneur, and do you not like paperwork, administration, bureaucracy? Don’t worry, because we love her! You have an idea and you don’t know how to implement it? We know! We love challenges and therefore do not give up easily. Whatever task you set before us, we will do our best to explore and do it.

Whether it is research, organizing trips or meetings, oral or written correspondence, applying to the necessary government services, obtaining permits, visas, etc., writing content for websites and social networks, we are available for a wide range of services and are at your disposal.


With our administrative support you save the time necessary to develop your business.


Attract new customers with engaging content.


Traveling with our organization is not stressful.


Leave the project preparation and application to our experienced team.

Personalised services

The range of services we offer is not fixed. That means that our goal is to provide a personalized service, in the sense that we offer and provide you with a combination of services that you need, of course with an agreement on price for a particular combination.


Given the range and combination of services we offer, please request an offer for the requested services with prices to our e-mail addresses or via the contact form.