About us

Konigo is a company primarily engaged in providing administrative services, crucial for all businesses. Furthermore, the range of services expands to creative writing, travel organization, business plan preparation, project consulting and bookkeeping services.

Curiously, Konigo in Esperanto means – communication. Let’s communicate further, find out more information about us below.

Who are we and how was Konigo established

Nothing less than honesty.

Former colleagues, then friends, and now colleagues and friends. Sounds good? That was our thought, too, so we decided to go through this adventure. As a team, we function great, we are supporting, checking, advising – complementing each other.

Along with similar worldviews, we love adventure, research, challenges and are results-oriented. We strive to accomplish our competencies, potentials and inner peace.

Extensive experience in administrative work, communication, organization of business trips, creation and maintenance of databases etc., led us to the idea of ​​founding our own business, with the financial support of Croatian Employment Service (HZZ) for self-employment.

We are communicative and open-minded; our disadvantage is perfectionism! Who benefits from this? You, of course! We do not leave things to chance; we do our job responsibly and professionally.

Also, we are creative, reliable, innovative and flexible! You can see for yourself very quickly, of course, when you hire us!




095 711 0116

She is fluent in Italian and English. She likes to explore and wander the internet until she finds adequate and verified information. Traveling is her passion, both for private and business purposes. In other words, journey organization and additional activities for others is almost as much a pleasure as organizing it for herself.

She is fond of analyzing and systematizing data. Nothing can stop her from achieving her goals, she turns the impossible into the possible! In addition to many years of experience in administrative work, technical support, team management in Italian and many years of volunteering in various positions in associations, she holds a certificate of Volunteer Coordinator and Google’s Digital Marketing certificate.

“The idea for an entrepreneurial venture has been simmering for a long time, but it only came to life in 2020, after many years of experience in administrative work, technical support and team management in Italian, as well as volunteering in associations and babysitting that gave me an opportunity to spend one year in Paris as au pair. Apart from a little courage, previous experiences were the key to embarking on a new adventure, especially because one of them led me to a friendship with Gordana, with whom it was much easier to take the first step towards own business.”


Head of Creative Team

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She has a master’s degree in economics, with a completed course for an independent accountant to put the theory into practice more easily. Fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of Italian. She loves to talk, present, take photos and write. When she’s inspired, words on the keyboard just slide by themselves.

Her work experience ranges from student jobs to working in sales, administration and procurement, all the way to volunteering in associations and on individual projects. Among other private activities, she helps the family agriculture business.

Where are we?

We are where our laptops are, which means we are everywhere, wherever we need to be! Of course, we do have an official headquarters, but we mostly work from home, or classy – from the home office.

Everything we need is in our heads, on laptops and on the know-it-all Internet, which is why we are available outside the “classic” working hours.